As the Age of Ultron slowly nears… ok, that sounded a tad too cinematic. Let’s try again. As the month of May slowly approaches and Marvel fans all over the world are gearing up for what should be a fun ride with Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Marvel is keen to stoke the fires with two new games – Marvel Mighty Heroes and Marvel Future Fight. Both are on soft launch at the moment and are not available in the US yet, but should soon be.


First up, Marvel Mighty Heroes is the cartoon-y take on the Avengers by known game developers DeNA. The game soft-launched in Canada and other territories last week, and most people are saying “it’s cute, but really just meh”. When it was announced, there was a bit of confusion about the gameplay. But now we know that Marvel Mighty Heroes is a team-based brawler – you and three other players. Once the game is officially launched, those other players will be actual players joining you in real-time. Right now, those are filled by AI teammates.


Then we have Marvel Future Fight, an action RPG that soft-launched in Australia. The gameplay is pretty standard – you control a Marvel hero and level up by fighting waves of baddies. The big difference? You’re fighting with a team of Marvel heroes, and you are able to swap heroes during battle, and use team-up attacks as well. You fight evil versions of superheroes, then turn them back to the good side. At that point you can add them to your team.


Looks interesting, both games. Let’s see if it catches the fancy of mobile gamers out there, especially as the movie comes closer to show dates. We’ll update you once the games are available via the Google Play Store. Check out the download links below once in a while to see if they’re available where you are.

DOWNLOAD: Mighty Heroes | Future Fight