The FCC has approved two new Lenovo tablets, the A5500 and A7600. Though light on details, there is some info available for the A5500. We can hopefully glean some idea of what the other will offer comparatively, but it’s still early days for these two.

 The A5500 is shown to have an 8-inch 800 x 1280 display, and a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor. An 8MP camera can be found around the rear, and there is Dolby Digital sound, which we found on their Windows tablets at CES this year. The devices were tested with Android 4.2.2, but we expect that to change by launch.

The A7600 looks to have the same screen size, but no other details were offered. We’d think it to be an upgraded version of the A5500, with a more robust screen and better processor, but that’s admittedly speculative. Both models are WiFi only, though there are 3G versions in China, so we could end up seeing those stateside at some point.

As Phone Arena points out, and we agree with, these could end up being part of Lenovo’s IdeaPad lineup. We’re not aware of a launch timeframe, but MWC sounds appropriate. If we end up seeing them there, we’ll be sure to grab a hands-on of these two, which look to be really solid mid-range tablets.


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