Another pair of bars have banned Google Glass. This time, the wearble tech has been banned at a bar in the SoMa district of San Francisco, which many believed would be amiable to the technology. The second bar is owned by the same person, and in a different part of town. For Glass users in the Bay Area, there seems to be a growing list of places that aren’t open to their wearable.

The Willows, which also owns Sycamore in the Mission district, has posted a sign letting guests know they’re only welcome inside sans Glass. A sign posted has Glass inside the international symbol for “nuh-uh”: the red circle with a line through it. The sign lets Glass users know the customers at the Willows have expressed concerns about being filmed with Glass, and that they’ll need to be removed before entering.

Oddly, the sign doesn’t list Google Glass by name — it just has a drawing of the wearable. This is either an oversight, or really unique foresight. Other head-wearables, while not ready for primetime, are coming. Having not named the wearable by name, we can assume their policy is meant to stay in place for the foreseeable future. This ban is the latest in a slew of issues relating to Glass, almost none of it positive.


A few weeks ago, one Glass Explorer was in a scuffle at another San Francisco bar for wearing Glass, and we all remember the California woman ticketed for Glass. One gentleman was even drug out of his movie while wearing Glass for fear he was illegally taping the film. Various states have begun discussions on disallowing Glass while driving, and these two establishments can be added to a long list of others choosing to ban the still-unreleased wearable.

In equity, it should be pointed out that the ticketed driver was exonerated, and the man yanked from his theater seat was not taping the movie. The woman at the bar a few weeks ago may have been acting like a “Glasshole” (if onlookers are right), but that seems isolated. The question now is, with so much ati-Glass sentiment, will anyone want them?

Source: CBS