This is a common occurrence for Twitter users. You see a tweet that you really, really like but instead of just retweeting it, you’d like to add a short comment or reaction. Unfortunately, the 140 character rule means that you can’t fully express your comment, which defeats the purpose of the quote tweet. Or you sometimes just use an emoji, which is always not enough. The micro-blogging giant has announced they are revamping this functionality, and hopefully, it will reach Android soon.

Instead of quoting it as text, meaning it eats up your characters, the actual tweet will now just be embedded into your tweet. So you now have 116 more characters to add to tell the world how you feel about the tweet you’re quoting. Don’t worry, the twitter account you’re quoting will still be able to receive a notification that you quoted/retweeted them, so your favorite celebrity can still react to your comment if he/she/they want to.

For those who are using third-party apps for the web or mobile device versions, the link to the original tweet will be included, but not as an embedded tweet. However, developers will probably be able to add support for their own apps later on.

Unfortunately for Android users, Twitter did not make us the priority in the update roll-out. It is already available for the web version and the iOS apps. They did promise that it will be “coming soon” for Android, although we don’t know how long that “soon” is.

SOURCE: Twitter