They announced it way back in January so it won’t really be a surprise, but it has taken Twitter four months to finally roll out the Explore tab. Well, no official announcement just yet, but some users have already reported seeing a change with their mobile app. We’re not really sure what the delay was since they announced the new feature at the beginning of the year, but now we can actually see if it’s more efficient and if we can explore our Twitter-verse better with this. Well, that is if you’ve already received the update.

If you’ve already forgotten just what Explore is, it will be the new tab next to your timeline and will be shown with a magnifying glass icon. In just one section you’ll be able to see your Moments, trends that can help you craft your tweets or understand what’s currently going on, live video, and your search as well. According to Twitter, when they were testing it out, people found the Explore section very helpful in finding news and seeing what’s popular at that moment, which is something that the social network should excel at (well, in theory).

But since then we haven’t heard much about the Explore tab and when it will roll out. Over the past two days, some users have reported that their mobile app has actually given them an update that shows the new Twitter layout and sections. When you go to the tab, the search bar is now shown next to your profile icon, while the Moments part has been slightly tweaked. The trends are found under the top Moment while below that you can see the full list of Moments.

They may still be doing a little A/B testing as to the final look of the Explore tab, but let’s wait for the official announcement from Twitter.

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