The latest Twitter app update has landed in the Play Store. This update has arrived as version 4.1.0 and with improvements to image sharing and notifications. Anyway, while there are a few changes in this update, it seems the key change is the one dealing with the image sharing. When launching the updated app things will initially look the same, however tapping the tweet button will show you the changes.

From here you still have your Twitter avatar along with your real name and user name up top, but things look a bit different towards the bottom. Specifically, the location and image sharing icons have changed. Those looking to share an image have two options to consider — use the camera icon to snap a new picture or the gallery icon to grab an existing image. Either process is simple and appears to have been improved over the earlier version of Twitter.

Take the gallery image sharing for example, this launches a view of the gallery at the bottom of your screen and a swipe up expands that gallery to show more images. Of course, once the gallery has been expanded, it then scrolls down through all your previous images. Once you find the image you want to share, tap it and then make any necessary edits. From this point you tap done button (in the upper right hand corner) and you will return to the tweet window where you will see a full preview of that image.


At this point you can add any text you want along with the image and adjust your location sharing settings. A tap of the location sharing icon (towards the bottom left) will launch a map with a “turn on location” button. Alternatively, you can later turn that off by tapping the “turn off location” button. Otherwise, this update also made it a bit easier for those who tweet from multiple accounts. With this users can select the appropriate account by tapping on your avatar in the upper left hand corner.


Lastly, there were also some improvements to the notifications. This portion of the update means the notifications will now contain more detailed information. The notifications will expand with a swipe and they will now include avatars as well as details about the tweet such as whether it is a favorite, retweet or reply. Bottom line here, if you were at all disappointed with the process of sending tweets on the earlier version of Twitter for Android, this update may have solved your problems.

SOURCE: Twitter Blog, Google Play Store