Today the folks from Twitter have just issued a quick software update to their mobile applications. The official Twitter for Android received a few neat new features and smoother animations, but the iPad and iOS apps got even more new features. While I won’t get into token limits or the killing of TweetDeck, we will explain the new update in detail below.

Twitter has just added a few small, and I mean really small features to their Android application. Back in February they rolled out a behind the scenes update that allowed users to find older tweets from the past. Previously this only showed you tweets up to about a week old, but now it will go back months and months, and even further for extremely popular tweets.

As an example in the official Twitter app search for “four more years” and you’ll see the extremely popular (most retweeted) image of Obama hugging his wife with the title Four More Years. This has been available on the web, but now our mobile devices will be able to enjoy a much deeper level of search inside the Twittershpere. It isn’t anything major, but a neat addition to the app.

Then the somewhat popular new Discover tab on Twitters official app now received a slight UI change and smoother animations. They specifically state the pull-down to refresh has a new animation, and we’re expecting these same animations to roll out app-wide in the future. As usual Twitter mentions bug fixes and performance increases, but gives no details on what or where. Get the latest version now from the Play Store.

[via Twitter Blog]