Twitter has finally updated their app for Android and they added one of the most requested features and that is PUSH notifications, Finally! That isn’t the only big change, users have also been wanting the option to use multiple accounts for a long time and today that wish came true also. The update is available in the Android Market already and both feature seem to be working great.

Instead of setting Twitter or your 3rd party client to update every 5 or 10 minutes and kill your battery, now it will push notifications to your device no matter what you are doing. When you get a mention or a DM you will instantly be notified. In your account settings, select “automatic refresh” and choose to receive updates and you’re done, it’s that easy.

Mutliple accounts have also been added so now you can easily check and tweet from as many accounts as you need. Being able to easily and quickly tweet from my personal account, as well as our @Androids account will be even easier now. This was a update that was much needed and users have been long awaiting for. The new Twitter is available in the Market right now.

[via Twitter Blog]