Twitter users, we have to truly accept that we will probably never get that edit tweet button that we’ve been asking for. The social media platform seems to be testing out the closest we’ll ever get to that feature which is an “undo send” button. They are reportedly looking into making this feature an exclusive for paying subscribers as Twitter is looking at more monetization options aside from ads. They have recently announced an upcoming “super follow” feature for creators to earn from the platform and we may soon see a subscription tier for Twitter itself.

Reuters shares that a Twitter representative has confirmed that they are indeed exploring how a subscription service would work on the platform and that they will be testing out features for the next few months. They didn’t confirm if this “undo send” feature would be part of that but we saw a preview of how it would work. Noted app researcher and tipster Jane Manchun Wong tweeted out an animation showing off the feature.

From the name itself, “undo send” shows an “undo” button that would let you unsend that tweet that you just recently sent, either because it has an error or you regret tweeting it out. But of course the undo button will not last forever. Similar to the undo send on Gmail, you only have a short window to decide whether or not to undo that tweet. Based on the animation that Wong tweeted out, you’ll only get a few seconds.

Twitter has been exploring monetization efforts aside from just the usual ads that you see. They just recently announced that they’re bringing a “super follow” feature that would let creators like writers, musicians, artists, influencers let their supporters subscribe for more additional content, exclusives, etc. This is similar to what they can do on Patreon but this time, directly on the Twitter platform.

As for this “undo send” feature, we’ll probably see in a few weeks or months whether or not it will indeed be part of a subscription service. Hopefully, we hear something soon from Twitter about this. But as always, don’t hold your breath for an edit feature.