Although there is no official word yet from Twitter, we all know it’s coming. The micro-blogging giant as we know it, will soon be unrecognizable as strong reports are saying that the end of the 140 character limit is upon us. But what is still not sure is how will that look like for users and how best not to disrupt our tidy Twitter lives with this huge change. That is what’s probably keeping the folks over in San Francisco HQ busy.

There are rumors that Twitter will implement a 10,000 character limit, which is the same as the current limit on Direct Messages and may also be enough for you to write a short story in one post. But of course you don’t want to see one whole 10,000 character post on your timeline right? So maybe it will still have the same 140 limit, then a link or something if you want to read the rest of the post. It might look like one of those tweet longer services that some people use (and some people get annoyed at).

What is important is that the look and feel of the service should remain the same. Otherwise,they will risk losing a lot of users if it will look something really drastic. Design will be the key to people accepting this major change. As they’re seeing now with the pretty lukewarm reception to some of their new features and services, Twitter users are pretty set in their ways and major changes might not go so well with all of them.

There is no word yet as to the timetable in implementing what they’re supposedly calling “Beyond 140”. While this may be troubling news for users, it’s a good sign for the company that they’re willing to change, even though it might be painful.

VIA: Recode