Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces seem to be trying to one-up each other when it comes to functionality, with Facebook and others trying to play catch up. The latest is that Twitter Spaces is now letting users listen to recordings of audio-only chatrooms that have finished already, both on the web and on their respective apps. Some Android hosts can now also record Spaces after this feature was available only on iOS. This comes after Clubhouse rolled out recordings a couple of months ago.

Clubhouse previously enjoyed a monopoly on the social audio space but when the “giants” started paying attention, they had to up their game once again. Twitter Spaces seems to be their closest competition and Twitter has given the ability to create these live audio chats to all users. Now the latest update is that everyone can listen to recordings of these Spaces.

While the original idea of these live audio chats is to let people listen in real time, there are also those that want to listen by demand. That’s where Recordings can come in handy as people can catch up on the chats or “shows” that they missed. The recorded sessions will be available once the recording-enabled Space ends.

To record your live audio chat, hosts can simply tap on the Record Space option. A red button will appear to let everyone know that the session is being recorded. Hosts can then tweet out a link to the recording so people can listen in on their own. Hosts can choose when the Space can start playing.

Clubhouse has a lot more features for their recordings but expect Twitter to eventually catch up as well. For now, Android users can enjoy their new power in recording their own Spaces and listening in on others.


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