Different social networks are doing everything they can to catch up with each other as they unroll more new features that seem to be in response to other features that their competitors have. Micro-blogging juggernaut Twitter is no exemption as they are currently rolling out new features that include group messaging and uploading videos directly. While these already exist in other social networks like Facebook, Vine, etc, having them on Twitter will be a boon (or bane) to the dedicated user that prefers them over their competitors.

If before you could converse in private with individuals, they’ve now brought it up to another level with the ability to have a group conversation. This avoids flooding your timeline with discussions with a select group of people when now you can have it just amongst yourselves. And the people you’re talking to don’t necessarily have to follow each other to talk. You can add up to twenty people in the conversation, and you can discuss to your heart’s content. The best thing is that it’s private, just like Direct Messages.

Twitter has also accepted that communication through their app now is more than just the 140 characters we’ve become used to. So they’ve accepted the inevitable and users can now capture, edit and upload videos directly from the app itself. If you’re at a concert and want to share a clip of your favorite song that the band is currently playing, you can take the video, edit it (you have a 30-second limitation) and then share it with your followers, without even having to leave the app. Viewing it is also pretty easy, as there’s a thumbnail preview and you just need to tap it to watch the video.

Not everyone has these new features already, as they are slowly rolling it out to users over the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see if people will take to these new features or if they’ll stick to the “old school” way of using Twitter and just use other social networks for functions like that.

SOURCE: Twitter

VIA: SlashGear


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