Twitter is almost a decade old but hundreds of millions of people are still hooked to it. Together with Facebook and Instagram, it has remained as one of the top go-to social sites of netizens from all over the world. Twitter is used not just to communicate with family and friends but also to keep up with the latest news and trends by about 320M active users monthly.

For years, we’re familiar with the vertical timeline that shows reverse-chronology of tweets. The developers at Twitter thought it’s time to make a big change so they’re releasing a new timeline option. This feature is expected to show the top trending and most important tweets from people a user follows. Instead of having to scroll up or down to read the latest on desktop or mobile version, a special feature will show those tweets instead. After being away for some time, Twitter will display the tweets you are most likely interested in based on the popularity of the message or of the people you follow.

We’re still not sure how it would look like or work but it is said to rely on a special algorithm. It can be enabled and disabled should you find it more of a disturbance. Simply go to your account settings and then tap on ‘Show me the best Tweets first’ you will find below the timeline.

The new feature is supposed to make this more convenient to avid Twitter fans who rely on the micro-blogging site to be in the know. Not everyone will receive the update at once as it will be a gradual roll out.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Twitter