Twitter still doesn’t want to let go of the 140-character limit because after all, that is where they have built their identity. But they have come up with various ways to help you maximize those 140 characters without technically giving it up. The newest “shortcut” they’re giving is removing the usernames of people when you reply to a tweet, giving you more space to actually say what you want to say and not be bothered by the long thread of usernames.

Once you update your app, you’ll see that when you reply to someone or to a group tweet, their names will appear above the tweet rather than as part of the 140-character limit. And if for some reason you’re confused, you can always tap on “replying to” so you can see who is actually in the conversation thread, in case you forgot. Aside from getting more characters, it’s also easier to read and follow conversations since you’ll be seeing what people are actually saying.

Twitter says that this update, together with the previous ones before (which includes removing photos, GIFs, Quote tweets from the count as well) are a result of feedback from users, experimentation, and research on what people want from a micro-blogging social network. But the main problem for the company now is actually trying to monetize their product without alienating their users of course.

The Twitter update has already started rolling out so you should be seeing more characters available for you soon but still sticking to that 140 rule. You can update your app from its Google Play page.

SOURCE: Twitter