Twitter has begun ushering in the age of advertisement tweets. The popular micro-blogging service has announced that advertisers will now be able to push tweets into your mobile timeline with a “promoted” tag available to them. The tweets will also come with a “follow” button at the bottom, in an attempt to garner a more direct audience.

The option is limited to “Promoted Accounts”, which are given to businesses and advertisers. Twitter notes the new program will use the new messages as a way to help businesses and customers connect on a more integral level.“These recommendations leverage Tweets as a call to action and display natively in the home timeline. For example, a new coffee shop could run a geo-targeted Promoted Accounts campaign in timeline to build awareness about their business and explain why users should follow them on Twitter.” was the explanation via the blog post.

Interestingly, Twitter notes that 72% of those who participated in the trial run of promoted tweets “were more likely to make a future purchase from brands they follow or engage with on Twitter.” Their research also suggests that 76% of their user base is on mobile, with users three times more likely to use the service while shopping. We’re also a whopping 181% more likely to use it while commuting, lending credence to the new push.

For a company that has gone public, and is now responsible to shareholders, this is not surprising. What remains to be seen is just how much Twitter leverages this service. Should it become obnoxious, it could turn some away from the service. Used properly, Twitter could prove a must-have service.