Vine may have crawled into a whole it will not get out of, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter will be giving up on video features. Live video streaming is still pretty much very popular, as evidenced by Facebook Live’s continued popularity and now Instagram letting you post live videos there as well. And so Twitter, in its bid to still compete with the social media big boys, has introduced Go Live or live video to its list of features so users can enjoy watching videos live from their respective apps.

Twitter actually says that this new tech is powered by Periscope, their stand-alone app that lets you go live as well. But this time around, you don’t even need to have Periscope to go live. All you need to do is compose a tweet, then tap Live. You will be led to a pre-broadcast screen so you can frame your shoot properly. When you’re all ready, just tap on “Go Live” and you will well, go live. Whether you’re at a concert or at an event or you’re somewhere with a breathtaking view, feel free to share your live video experience with the Twitter-verse.

Anyone on Twitter and Periscope will be able to watch and even participate in what you’re currently experiencing. And if you’re the one watching, you can let the broadcaster feel your appreciation by either commenting or simply sending hearts by tapping on the screen. It actually encourages the one broadcasting the video to see floating hearts on their screen.

The Twitter update that will let you broadcast live from the app is already rolling out to users. Just update your app to the latest version or if it hasn’t reached you yet, better use your live stream app of choice for now.

SOURCE: Twitter