While Twitter still hasn’t gotten itself out of the quagmire it currently is in, financially and growth-wise, of course it will continue to change things up in the hopes of getting more users to its 140-character world. Some say they may even remove that 140-character limit, but that may still be far off. For now, let’s enjoy what they’ve brought to the newest update, which is to have natural GIF support through GIPHY and also the ability to send and take videos in Direct Messages.

First off, we are living in a world of GIFs and emoticons now, and Twitter knows it very well. So starting today, well if the update has rolled out to you already, you now have a native GIF button on your Twitter app. You can search through the GIF library, courtesy of GIPHY, and choose the appropriate one to go with your message. Or you can also look at what are the trending GIFs at the moment and choose to include it in your tweet. It’s similar to what you can do on your FB messenger app, if you’ve installed GIPHY within the app. That should make for a GIF-filled Twitter timeline if it catches on, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Another new thing that you can do on your Twitter app, once the update has reached you, is you can now take and send videos through Direct Message. Previously, you can only send text and pictures in your private conversations, but now, if you want to send a video message instead of a typed-out one, then you can do so through your mobile app. But on the web-based Twitter, you can only send videos on your DM threads but not record one.

The videos through DMs feature has rolled out globally already to users. But the GIF feature may be rolling out in stages as some users still don’t have them yet. Be patient, the GIF revolution will come soon enough.

SOURCE: Twitter
VIA: SlashGear