Ever wished you had a virtual duct tape for some of those less savory tweets and people? Now you do! Thanks to the new mute function that Twitter has just implemented, coming to your official Twitter app and web site soon.

Muting can be seen as a gentler and more clandestine way to rest your eyes from certain people without having to unfollow or block them. This is especially useful when you just don’t want to receive notifications, via SMS or other channels, from a specific person but don’t really want to break off your ties with them.

When you mute a tweet or a Twitter user, almost all of that person’s actions will no longer be visible to you and will no longer trigger notifications, even if, for example, they favorite a tweet of yours. However, replies to you and mentions of you will still show up on your timeline and, thus, in your notifications. They can still send you a direct message, They won’t, however, know if you’ve muted or unmuted them. Yes, muting is, of course, reversible, but you should probably take note of which accounts you’ve muted, as Twitter won’t provide you a list of everyone you’ve tried to silence on your end.

The mute feature will be available on Twitter’s web interface as well as its Android and iOS apps. On the web, users can click on the “More” link in a single tweet or the Settings (gear) icon for Twitter profiles to mute the person. On Android, it can be done via the overflow menu (the three vertical dots at the top) of a specific tweet’s page or from the same gear icon on the user’s profile page. The feature hasn’t yet fully rolled out to all users across the globe, so some might not yet be seeing these options on their Android devices.

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VIA: SlashGear