We have some good news and some bad news today. The good news is that the twitter #music app has launched bringing a new music service for Twitter users to enjoy. The bad news is that twitter has ignored Android users and launched the app only for iOS devices at this time.

Word started surfacing that the app was on its way earlier this week when twitter gave some musicians and other people in the music industry early access. A slew of tweets started being posted from celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Ne-Yo and Jason Mraz talking up the new music service. The app is intended to help music fans find music that popular on Twitter and music from the bands they like most.


The app reportedly has four pages that are accessed by swipping. One of the pages is called the Popular page and shows new music that’s trending across twitter. The Emerging tab gives you a place to find unknown bands that people are tweeting about. Another of those tabs is called the Suggested tab and it shows you artists you might like based on your other music preferences.

The last of the tabs is #NowPlaying. This particular tab focuses on songs that your friends are listening to or tweeting about now. Tapping on any song you discover on the application will automatically start playing the track. There is no word on when we can expect an Android version of the application to launch.

[via ABC News]