Twitter is getting ready to take on some aspects of the music industry while also integrating plenty of music discovery and listening features into their service. According to a few new reports from CNET the new feature will reportedly be called Twitter Music and their iOS app could launch within the next month. Just like Vine, it looks like Twitter will once again shun Android users.

Last year the popular music discovery service We Are Hunted was acquired by Twitter, and CNET’s sources claim this will be deeply integrated into Twitters new Music service. Reports suggest the service and music app will give personalized music recommendations based on the musical artists the user follows, as well as the artists the user’s followers follow. So you’ll also get music suggestions from your friends on Twitter.

The new Twitter Music app will stream music using the popular service SoundCloud, and the UI will feature 4 simple tabs for a streamlined musical experience. You’ll have suggestions, as well as a #NowPlaying tab. Obviously using the hashtag you’ll get all sorts of recommendations from people around the world. Then of course we’ll have a ‘Popular’ tab where the overplayed songs by Imagine Dragons, the Lumineers, and Taylor Swift will probably all be plastered.

Last but not least there will be an ‘Emerging’ tab where you can find unique, new, and on-the-rise music and artists to help find something not so trendy. We’re hearing the service will obviously be more personalized for Twitter users, but having an actual account with Twitter won’t be required. Sadly just like their popular Vine video sharing feature, Twitter Music will be launching for iOS first, with no release in sight for Android – although we hear one is in the works.

[via SlashGear]