One of the things that can badly affect your vision in the long run is the fact that we spend hours at night just browsing through our devices while in bed. Some OEMs have tried to solve this problem by bringing night mode to their devices. But for those that don’t have it yet, some apps are also doing the same. Twitter may soon be releasing their own Night Mode feature as some users reported seeing a beta test of this option to put less strain on your eyes.

Actually, Twitter has had a Dark Mode user interface for a few months now, but it only has a toggle on and off option. Some users have been posting screenshots of a prompt that asks them if they would want to turn the feature off, on, or automatic. If you choose the last option, the app interface would automatically darken when the sun goes down so there’s no need to manually darken it and have less light on your screen when browsing through the app.

The Night Mode turns your Twitter interface dark and the text will become white on a black background. Not only will it be better for your eyes, but if someone is in the room with you when you’re browsing, then it won’t be as distracting as to when the light is fully on your face. This kind of mode has been pretty useful for some people but it’s practically useless if the room you’re in is already eliminated.

There’s no word yet as to when Twitter will be rolling out the feature. There’s also no way to trigger this test to your account so if you’re not one of those that have received the prompt, then just wait for the official release of the update.

VIA: SlashGear