Twitter has really been a busy bee these past few months, officially launching its Twitter Blue subscription service in Canada and Australia, announcing its first paid local weather service, enhancing its misinformation warning labels, among other things. A few months ago, they announced that they were working on a Super Follows feature that would let content creators charge their fans for extra content. It looks like this will be launching really soon as we’re seeing leaks of what it may look like.

As always, our leaked information comes from noted tipster Jane Manchun Wong. She tweeted some screenshots of what the feature will look like, at least from the point of view of content creators who will be signing up and getting their fans to pay money for extra content. The program will only allow Twitter users that are at least 18 years old, have at least 10,000 followers and who have posted at least 25 tweets within the past 30 days.

Wong also showed a list of content categories that users Super Follow users will choose from like sports, podcasting, entertainment, etc. She also noted that “adult content” and “OnlyFans” are included in the list of content platforms alongside Facebook, Substack, Patreon, Twitch, and YouTube. There are no other details for now although previously, Twitter said that the feature will let fans subscribe to their favorite creators to get access to “perks” like extra content, giveaways, etc.

Twitter has been working hard to help creators monetize on the platform. They previously launched Tip Jar where users can make one-time payments to creators on the platform itself if they like a specific content they tweeted out or just the creator in general. Twitter will not take a cut on the Tip Jar for now but hasn’t made the same promise for Super Follows. We don’t know for now how much of the fee will go to Twitter.

Given Wong’s track record, this probably means we’ll be seeing Twitter’s Super Follows soon. They’ll either try to ride on the momentum of the Twitter Blue announcement or they will let that sink in first before bringing another new product to the platform.