Probably still the most requested feature of Twitter users is the ability to edit what they’ve already posted. Either because there were some typos or grammatical errors or they immediately regret what they just tweeted out, people want to have the option to edit without having to delete and then repost their tweet. It looks like Twitter is about to budge on this particular feature as founder Jack Dorsey himself admitted they’re looking into adding that, or at least some version of the edit feature.

In an interview with comedian and host Joe Rogan, Dorsey admitted that they are looking into the possibility of finally giving this most-requested feature to their users. Based on their conversation though, it’s not as simple as just letting you edit your already posted tweet. While the details aren’t yet clear, he seems to be looking at just giving users 5-10 seconds to edit or change after a tweet is posted but the original tweet would still be visible.

Dorsey says that anything longer than that window would ruin the “real-time nature of the conversational flow” that Twitter is famous for. He also admits that the time needed to edit a tweet depends on the context so they can be “dynamic” in determining that, although how that will be done is unclear and vague at this point.

The important thing to glean from this conversation is that they are looking into it at least, as opposed to the previous “no comment” or automatic no that we get from executives when it comes to an edit feature. The fact also that Twitter eventually relented and gave users more than 140 characters and then later on, an option to go back to chronological tweets (well, sort of) shows that they are willing to adjust to what users actually want.

But don’t hold your breath that this feature is coming soon as it looks like they’re still in the early stages of looking at this edit feature and how it can still retain the real-time flow which is the very nature of Twitter. Hopefully we get more information either from Dorsey himself or even someone more close to the digital ground.

VIA: 9 to 5 Mac