Lite versions of apps became a trend a few months ago and given how people are pleased that they’ll save more data and space, we can probably see it continuing for the rest of the year. And also, the fact that they’re continuing to slowly roll these versions to other countries means we haven’t heard the last of it. Case in point is Twitter Lite as they have now announced that it’s available in 21 more countries, bringing the total to 45 all in all.

The 21 countries that now have access to Twitter Lite include: Argentina, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Romania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. They join the 24 other countries that previously had the option to download this lite version if they didn’t want the full app itself.

If it’s your first time to encounter Twitter Lite, it is a lightweight version of the Twitter app for those that have limited space in their mobile device since it’s only 3MB as compared to the sometimes 64MB size of the full version. And if you have data, bandwidth, and device constraints, this is an app that you can easily download. You can control which images and videos you want to load on your timeline thereby saving you both money and data.

If you’re running low on data but you want to look at a tweet later on, you can just easily bookmark them and then go back to it when you have WiFi connection. It also has Night Mode which can make it easier for you to read your timeline during evenings or even during the day. Now, Twitter Lite can also create and read threads so you can connect your thoughts easily and also follow other threads that the people you follow posted.

If you’re in any of the 45 countries where it’s available, you can download Twitter Lite to check it out and see if you can work with it rather than the full Twitter version.

SOURCE: Twitter