Some major apps have been coming up with a more data-friendly version in order to better serve countries where Internet connection is intermittent and where users sometimes are very much data-conscious. We’ve seen a Facebook Lite version last year and also a YouTube Go for India, just launched this week. Now it’s Twitter’s turn to give users a faster version but giving you the same experience as the main app. Of course, it’s called Twitter Lite.

The “new mobile web experience” basically uses less data so it will not eat up your allocation and is also “resilient” when it comes to spotty Internet connection. But it is also supposedly 30% faster and has quicker navigation than the normal Twitter app. You will still be able to access the key features of the app, including timeline, tweets, DMs, trends, profiles, notifications, and even media uploads. But you also have a Data Saver mode where you can see a blurred preview of an image so you can decide whether to spend data on it by tapping it to load and view.

The main difference between this and the regular app is that you will be able to access Twitter Lite by going to on your phone or tablet, but still be able to experience it like you’re using the app. It also has additional features if you use Chrome or other modern browsers on your Android device. You can get a wide range of push notifications, offline support in case you suddenly lose connection, and you can add Twitter Lite to your home screen.

Twitter Lite is meant for countries in emerging markets like Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa. They’re partnering with Vodafone in India to help promote this version, as it is one of the countries where internet usage is on the rise but internet connection is still adjusting.

SOURCE: Twitter