Twitter is a really great source of news, useless information, new online discoveries, and yes, even conversations with friends. But with the amount of people that you follow, and with the limited amount of time (we assume) that you have for checking on your various social networks, some things may be lost in the void. Twitter is introducing a new feature called Highlights that will make you get the best out of the micro-blogging site and it is also personalized according to what you need or want to see.

Basically, it is a “fast and simple summary of Twitter” or rather, on the things that are relevant to your life, or to the life that you’re telling Twitter that you have. They will look at the conversations that seem to be popular with the people that you follow, the tweets of accounts that are connected to you, and even events or trending topics in the area where you live in. They also look at the trending topics within your network and the accounts that you follow.

So basically, you’ll receive a notification from Twitter that your Highlights are ready, and it will then lead you to that section in your app. You’ll just swipe right to left to view the stories, click on the ones that interest you, and when you reach the end, swipe one more time and it will go back to your regular timeline. You’ll be receiving Highlights up to twice a day, so that should give you time to read at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

This is not an automatic thing for your account and you would need to opt-in. Just go to your Settings, select your account, go to mobile notifications and then check the Highlights box. If you don’t see it yet, then maybe the roll-out hasn’t reached your account yet. It will initially be available for English Android users, but eventually, they would probably expand the scope more.

SOURCE: Twitter