If you’re one of those people who spend hours lying in bed and browsing through your apps, chances are your eyesight will eventually fail you. Some OEMs and apps have tried to deal with that by introducing night modes to their devices and apps. Twitter was testing their own Night Mode feature to selected users a couple of months ago and just last week, they brought it to the beta version. But now it’s available for those who are updating their Android app to version 7.2.

The feature has a pretty simple function and that is to turn your Twitter app’s interface and make the text white on a black background. That will supposedly cause less strain in your eyes and less stress for the other person in the room with you who’s trying to sleep. Once you update your Twitter to version 7.2, you can go to the Settings and Privacy menu, then the Display and Sounds tab and toggle on the Night Mode.

You can actually choose to set it on automatic. When it detects that it is already sunset, it will automatically turn on the night mode, and then turn it off when the sun rises. Or you can just turn it on and off manually when you want to. It looks like it only detects the light or lack of light in the room and not the actual sunrise/sunset. So even if it’s 11PM but your bedroom light is still on, then it will still be on regular mode until you actually turn off the lights.

Aside from this, there seems to be no other major or even minor changes to Twitter for Android You can see if the update has rolled out to your account by going to its Google Play page.

VIA: @LBPHeretic