It looks like Twitter is aiming right at Instagram and Facebook today because they’ve just updated their app with their own Instagram-like filters. Now you’ll be able to enjoy neat and beautiful photos and edit them on the go all using Twitter for Android. So far they have 8 filters in their new app, and this is probably just the start.

Surely you all saw the news last week where Instagram links no longer were working on Twitter, and this appears to clearly be Twitters answer. The official Twitter app for Android has been updated with effects, filters, and cropping tools all right inside the app. Simply add a photo or take a photo, then use their nice filter system to make it pretty.

We’ve been expecting this for some time, but now that it’s available feel free to run to the Google Play Store and get the latest and greatest Twitter update and try it yourself. There’s nothing extremely amazing here. Their auto correction works quite well, cropping is done with pinch-to-zoom and isn’t as friendly as I’d like, but their filters are pretty decent.

So for those that aren’t a fan of Instagram, or just like to tweet and wouldn’t mind occasionally tweaking your photos this should be a simple solution. It’s worth noting Instagram got its own little bug fix update today as well as added a black and white filter called “willow” for those interested. So all you tweeters, time to go test those photography skills and make some art. Have at it!