An update to the official Twitter app has been delivered on Android, and along with it comes a handful of cool new features no Twitter user should be without. By far the most exciting addition to the Android Twitter app are expanded tweets, but there’s also an expansion to Twitter’s search autocomplete tool and new push notifications that you might like to know about. Hit the jump to catch all the details.

First and foremost, let’s start off with the option to expand Tweets. They’ll still be limited to 140 characters unfortunately, but now when you’re Tweeting a link to an article or video, you’ll be sending additional media along with it. For instance, tapping a link to an article will show a summary of that piece, whereas tapping a link to an online store will allow you view at some of the images on the product page.

While the expanded Tweets update may be exciting, there’s more to look forward to after updating your Twitter app. Most Twitter users are probably already familiar with Twitter’s search autocomplete functionality, but now it’s been updated to give you more search results. It isn’t the most amazing thing ever, but added functionality is never a bad thing.

Finally, we come to the addition of push notifications. If you need to know about everything your friends do on Twitter, this addition is for you. Turning the feature on will alert you whenever someone you’re following Tweets or re-Tweets something, and you can opt to receive push notifications for individual users instead of the entire list of people you’re following. This Twitter for Android update is available now, so go download it and check it out!

[via Twitter Blog]