The latest Twitter app update has arrived in the Play Store. This one is bringing improvements to search and to the login verification process. Beginning first with the search improvements, this one deals with social context and images. The social context portion may sound familiar as it was introduced on the web last week.

This is basically how the Twitter app will now offer suggestions that include the social context as you type your query. Or in simpler terms, this will allow you to see how you are connected with others. Sticking in with the search improvements and the other side here is for images. In the past images that were returned in search results were able to be swiped side-to-side with an option to click to view any particular image in full screen.

This update has added a “view more photos” option and will do just want the name implies — when clicked it will take you to an image gallery with results based on your search term. You can get a look at the new image search improvements in the above screen captures.


Shifting over to the login process and we find the Twitter app now using two-factor authentication. This setup comes in addition to the SMS-based process that was announced back in May. This new one means a phone number is no longer required and is touted as having “broader” international support, more context and the ability to have backup codes generated (and kept written down) for those times when you lose your device.

Turning this on seems simple enough. First head to the Me tab in the mobile app. From here head to Settings -> Accounts (tap your username) and then look for Security. Once here you can click the “Login Verification” option and be able to generate those backup codes. Moving forward you will then use the Twitter mobile app to approve requests for when you sign into Twitter.

SOURCE: Twitter Blog, Google Play Store