The latest Twitter app update has arrived for Android users. And nicely, this time around Android users are seeing some changes ahead of the iOS side. This update deals with image sharing, specifically, improving those images you are sharing. Users will now be able to crop, rotate and more — all before you upload and share.

Aside from simply rotating an image, the cropping options include wide and square. The other aspect here is the sharing of the images. When uploading new images you will now be reminded to tag your friends with an @ mention. These few bits aren’t the only change that has come along with this latest update though.

Also included was mention of content recommendations. This will show when you pull down to refresh and have no new tweets to load. If this happens the Twitter app will provide goodies such as recommended tweets, trending topics and suggestions for new accounts to follow. Those in the US will also get television, sports and news event updates.

These recommendations will also allow the app to take you further down into whatever topic you may find interesting. Options here will include a link to view related tweets and also to join in on the conversation. As usual, the latest Twitter for Android app update is available in the Play Store.

SOURCE: Twitter Blog