While social media is one of the best ways to share photos and videos, most of them compress the images you attach. And if you used a professional camera or need to send something hi-res, a lot of the details are lost when compressed. Twitter is one of the more notorious ones when it comes to that. Last year, they finally allowed users to upload images in 4K resolution but it was only limited to iOS devices. Now finally, Android users can join the 4K party.

Android Police says the feature is now live on the Twitter beta app version 8..76 and above. Basically, when someone uploads a 4K image on the network, you’ll be able to view it in its original resolution. With the iOS version, you had to long-press an image and you’ll see the option to load it in 4K. But with the Android version, you will have to tap on the 3-dot menu after opening an image to see the “Load 4K” option.

For those who are uploading 4K content, you have to go to Settings & Privacy > Data usage > High-quality image upload. There you can select whether you want to upload high-resolution images through WiFi, mobile data or either. After checking the option you want, you can now then upload images with 4K resolution and if a user chooses to view it in 4K, they’ll be able to see it in its full glory.

While compressing images and videos on free social media platforms is understandable, it sometimes takes the beauty away from the original content. That’s why some professional photographers and photography enthusiasts are not keen on sharing their work on the platforms that compress it. They just upload it on a service that keeps the original resolution and then post the link on social media but that’s a few more extra steps.

The support for 4K on Twitter is only available on the beta version for now and they did not specify when it will roll out on the stable version. You can also sideload the APK if you want to check it and if you know how to.