Despite the recent shake-up with Twitter limiting third-party clients, the social network is still working on improving their user interface to make it more user-friendly and easier on the eyes. Today they’ve made some significant changes to their web interface, specifically with profile pages. Users can now upload a large header photo to compliment the top of their profile page. The best part of all is that Android users can now join in on the fun.

Users can now view the new profile look on their Android devices and you can even upload your own header photo straight from your phone. The changes will take effect immediately and will be viewable across all devices. The new header photos make Twitter profiles look more like Facebook‘s Timeline, where a large photo is placed at the top with the user’s content down below.

The new update also adds a few more notable features. First, photo streams have been added to provide a slick interface to browse the photos that Twitter users have uploaded. Navigation seems really easy, with swipes to the left or right to browse through thumbnails and tapping on a photo to view it in fullscreen mode. Pinch-and-zoom has also been added to easily zoom in on photos and view them larger.

Twitter has done a good job of updating its mobile apps over the years to include the best new features in their web interface. While the official Twitter mobile app may not be the go-to Twitter client for some users, I find Twitter’s offering to be simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use. And with this new update, I can’t imagine it being any less terrific.