With the unimaginable volume of tweets that gets posted each day, looking for just the right ones on a certain topic is like finding a needle in a rice field. Luckily, the guys who made “Trending” a thing are aware of the situation and are giving Twitter users a few new weapons in hunting down those juicy tweets.

Searching for a tweet is one thing, but sifting through the search results is an equally herculean task. Twitter for Android and iOS now provides two ways of showing those results, offering the Top Tweets that match your search queries, or, for the braver souls, displaying All Tweets that match. Even better, Twitter now allows users filter only the content type or source that they want. They can choose to only see photos, Vine videos, or only tweets from people you follow.


Discover is a great way to, well, discover the hottest topics on Twitter, and now it just got better. A new Trending timeline is available under the Discover tab, which doesn’t only show trends and hashtags but also the tweets that revolve around them. Of course, you still have access to the one-line hashtag list which is just one tap away.


The new search and filter features are available on Twitter for Android and iOS. Those who already have the app installed will be receiving the update if they still haven’t. Those curious to take a look at how far, or not, the official Twitter mobile app has come can download it from Google Play Store via the link below.

Download: Twitter on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Twitter