Twitter, who has been at the forefront of protecting our data from the prying eyes of the NSA and other entities, has apparently stopped plans for further safeguarding our messages. A new report suggests that Twitter, which had plans to encrypt private messages via their service, has since dropped those plans altogether. There is no timetable for the project to come back, either.

Private messages on Twitter were undergoing an encryption protocol as early as November of 2013. A source now tells The Verge that those plans have since been dropped, with Twitter offering no reason for jettisoning the encryption project. Further confusing the situation is that the source has no idea when or if the project will be re-introduced, though they “confirmed it will not be implemented this quarter or next.”

Twitter declined to respond to questioning about the shelved project, but it could have to do with a work overload more than some nefarious plot to let Government agencies spy on us. Twitter, having just gone public, is likely more concerned with growing their platform at this point. Their current encryption methods are good, but not great at stopping more seasoned data thieves.

There is also news that Twitter may be re-thinking security from the ground up, having re-imagined their messaging mechanism altogether ahead of their IPO. If that were the case, Twitter may need to square up the messaging proper before worrying about adding new encryption methods.