With Android 4.2 now running on at least a few devices, it’s time for developers to update their apps to support the features found in the new version of the Android OS. One of the apps getting added Android 4.2 functionality today is the Twitter client Plume. Of all the fixes and features included with the latest update for Plume, definitely the biggest one is the addition of a lock screen widget for Android 4.2.

That, naturally, means that you can check Plume right from the lock screen, with no need to actually unlock your device and dive into the app. It’s definitely a cool feature, and we’re sure the many Plume users will be pleased with its addition (or at least those who are running Android 4.2 will). There’s more aside from the lock screen widget though, as the developers say they’ve also fixed “the widget context in Android 4.2.”

There have also been fixes applied to the Facebook timeline and the unread list, so if you’ve been having problems with either of those, there’s a chance that those issues have been squashed. Finally, the developers have improved the “picture cache coherence,” and have unlocked the Halloween notification sound so you can play it whenever you want. It’s a nifty little update and it’s available right now on the Google Play Store [download link].

This update to Plume is only the tip of the iceberg. We’re expecting many more developers to update their apps with increased support for Android 4.2, and it seems that we can count on a pretty steady stream of updates as Android 4.2 becomes more prominent in the Android community. Keep checking back here with us, as we’ll let you know once Android 4.2 updates go live for more popular apps!