Advertising, as they say, makes the world go round. If you use Twitter frequently, you’ve probably seen more than few promoted tweets in your timeline, and now the company is looking to expand on that idea a little bit. Twitter has teamed up with Nielsen to deliver brand surveys to users in the same way it shows promoted tweets, allowing companies to get a better idea of how its Twitter ad campaigns are working.

It’s easy to see why Twitter wants to introduce this new feature. With 400 million people using Twitter on their PCs and mobile devices around the world, companies could collect a lot of valuable information even if just a teeny tiny percentage of users responded to their surveys. If advertisers can use the surveys to make their campaigns more effective, that means more money for Twitter.

This new feature comes native to the Android app, and users will see these surveys promoted by @TwitterSurveys, allowing them to answer the questions right there in the tweet. Having surveys embedded in tweets is a smart move on the part of Twitter and Nielsen, as users will be much more likely to answer the questions if they aren’t being shuffled off to another site. Twitter says that these new surveys will give brands “better insights to determine purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics,” with the ultimate goal being greater user engagement with companies using the service.

It’s definitely a good idea, but we can probably also expect to see some Twitter users complaining loudly about seeing surveys in their timeline once this new initiative is completely rolled out. Twitter says that for now, it’s only working with a small selection of partners to test this new feature, but will be expanding it to others early next year. What do you think of these new Twitter surveys?

[via Twitter Advertising Blog]