Twitter is upgrading their service today, adding the ability to tag people in photos. We will also be able to add more than one photo to a post soon, too, with Twitter noting the maximum being four. The two changes add a neat social layer to a platform that helped created social networking.

The first little trick — multiple photos — adds a better social element to occasions. By giving us the ability to add more than one photo, we’ll likely share more than just the simple selfie or random pic of whatever. In the post, Twitter will show your pictures as a four-icon collage, so users see it all upfront.

Tagging is additionally neat for Twitter. It works just as you think it would: select a face, tag a friend, and they’re notified when the tweet posts. It’s not unique, but it’s new for Twitter! If you’re worried about being erroneously tagged by an overzealous friend or strangers, you can adjust who can tag you in settings.

The update is rolling out for iOS now, with Android and functionality coming “soon”. It may not be a new concept, but it adds a depth to your Twitter experience. Adding a deeper connection in 140 characters can be hard, but more pictures should help!