If you use the social video platform Twitch, either as a content creator or as a viewer and sharer, then you probably have at one point or another wished or even requested for a feature or two from them. The developers have now announced that the latest update to the app includes not just a new look but also some of the most requested features from users on both ends of the spectrum. The video community for gamers will be able to enjoy direct live video broadcasting, improved discoverability and navigation, and a Dark Mode color scheme.

Some of the new or improved features that users will receive in the update include a single place in the app to see the Live, Pulse, and Browse sections so it will be easier to access them. Pulse by the way is also a new feature and is the place where you get your content recommendation and discovery feed. You will also now be able to just swipe to go to the next video, return to a previous stream or access playlists. And when you swipe down on the screen, you get Instant Playlists or a collection of content you like.

Viewers can also now use a Dark Mode if you prefer the inverted color scheme when viewing videos. If you’re looking for the most popular videos in your native language, you can now look at a region or language specific list. For creators, the best thing about this update is that you can stream directly to your channel through your phone’s camera from the Twitch app instead of having to switch between other apps.

The update has started rolling out to Twitch mobile users but it will be completed by July according to the developers. So just go back every once in a while to the Google Play page to see if it’s available for you already.

SOURCE: Twitch