For a lot of gamers, Twitch is still the platform of choice when it comes to game streaming despite the proliferation of a lot of similar apps and services. One thing though that was lacking for those who preferred their platforms secure is support for generic authentication apps for its two-factor authentication. You had to use Authy and their proprietary 2FA API or just rely on SMS authentication. Now all that is about to change as they announced they are now able to support any 2FA authentication app.

If you like keeping your online accounts secure (as you should of course), using two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to do so. But not all 2FA authentication apps are built equally. The most common is SMS of course but it is not the most secure. And while Authy is a good enough app, you would still want the freedom to choose which authentication app you’re most comfortable with.

You will now be able to choose on Twitch but first, you need to have a verified email address to finish setting it up. You will also need to be on a desktop as the Twitch app still currently allows you to use SMS authentication only. If you’re on a desktop, go to the Security & Privacy section in the settings and then choose Set up two-factor authentication. Enter your phone number to receive a 7-digit security code but that’s not your 2FA yet of course.

After you’ve copied this, you’ll see the authenticator QR code which you will then be able to scan with the authenticator app that you want to use, not just Authy. You even get a bonus for setting up 2FA in the form of “exclusive emotes” which you’ll see and be able to use in the Unlocked section of the app. The emotes include SirUWU, Sir Sad, Sir Mad, and other cute looking purplish emojis.

You’ll be able to do this right now as Twitch is finally able to up its security game. And with a lot of its user base being mostly tech-savvy, protecting your account is pretty important.