If you have ever used an app and wished it had VoIP integration built in, a new Twilio Client will let devs add that feature. The new client will allow the addition of VoIP to any application directly. The thing that makes the app so cool is that it allows the integration of VoIP functionality by devs without having to work out the VoIP infrastructure.

The app would let you do things like start a VoIP chat between people in LinkedIn for instance, assuming the LinkedIn folks integrated the feature. The web version of the Twilio client is what is available today for integration into websites. However, there are two mobile Twilio Clients.

Android gets one of the movie clients and iOS devices get the other. This will let mobile apps get their own VoIP calls. The client has the same basic functionality as Skype Voice. The downside here is that the service isn’t free. Twilio costs a quarter of a cent per minute for VoIP to VoIP calls. VoIP to a mobile or landline are two cents each minute.

[via TechCrunch]