Just when I was starting to come to the sad realization that Tweetdeck was shutting down, and Twitter would be retiring their original v1 API on May 7th, we learn that they’ve extended the date. For those confused, many original legacy Twitter clients like the super popular Tweetdeck all run on v1, and once it’s retired they’ll no longer work. Twitter confirmed today they’ve delayed the retirement date.

Arguably one of the most popular Twitter clients, on both desktop and mobile, is Tweetdeck. Sadly this will no longer function once API v1 is shut down, and as a result Twitter will be killing off Tweetdeck and a few others completely. Their new API is supported by most of the popular Twitter clients on both desktop and mobile these days, but any that are no longer in development will cease to work soon.

Today Twitter announced that they’ve delayed the retirement a little over a month, and the new shut down date has been penciled in for June 11th. This means you all get to enjoy TweetDeck (TweakDeck) and other v1 clients for another month or so before the end comes. There’s hundreds of thousands of Twitter users running older clients, so now you have a little longer to find a replacement.

Twitter will be conducting blackout tests, so many of those older clients will have moments where they fail you. So you better find a replacement soon. Speaking of Android, there’s tons of options available in the Google Play Store for Twitter. Falcon Pro is popular, Carbon is decent, but lately my personal favorite has been a new Twitter app called Robird. If you’re interested check it out in our full review. More details and questions can be answered in the Twitter forum link below.

[via Twitter]