When it comes to Twitter clients, we are all fully aware that Android has plenty of options. And, by now, you’ve probably already decided which one you like the best, for the most obvious, and perhaps not so obvious, reasons. Or, perhaps you’ve just settled on one because you’ve been waiting for one particular application to reach the Android Market. If that client is TweetDeck, then you should be pretty excited by the news that title up there suggests.

Because, TweetDeck have just announced that a public Beta is one its way to the Android platform. And, what’s better, is that it’s going to open up starting some day this week. But, this isn’t just a port of the iOS version, or some knock-off that the company doesn’t care about. Nope. This is built from the ground up, designed specifically for Android, and meant to bring all of the great features that have made the platform so warmly welcomed into so many people’s lives, right there in the palm of your hand.

They even say that they’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time making the application silky smooth for Android, and that makes us plenty happy. So, if you use TweetDeck on your computer at home, then here’s a great way to make use of that integration from one source to another. No exact dates have been listed, but as soon as we know more, you will too.

[via TweetDeck]