TweetDeck, currently ending it’s public beta, has released some interesting information to the internet tonight. Specifically they have released information regarding which devices have been using the application across their 36,427 beta testers and their version of Android – even customized modifications. They are shocked at the amount of “custom roms and crazy phones” were caught running the application, and are pleased that their application could work across so many devices and software versions of Android.

Hardware wise we are seeing the HTC Desire topping the charts, with the Droid, Nexus One trailing. From this we can tell that pretty much every Android handset in existence has been surveyed here and was running the application.

Now software wise it’s also very interesting. 2.2 (Froyo) is clearly in the lead with over 50% of the share with 2.1update1 in there in second place. Here we also see the huge variety of custom softwares running out in the wild.

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[Via TweetDeck]