We gave you a quick look at TweetComb, the first, Twitter client, optimized for tablets not too long ago. The app was definitely pretty, if not a little less intuitive than we’d have liked for it’s $2.99 price tag. Starting today though, the apps creator, Chris Stewart has made it, and another of his apps, Newsr, free to download on the Android Market.

TweetComb is a great example of a tablet app, especially when such optimized apps have been a bit scarce as the Honeycomb platform is only just starting to spread to other apps. If you don’t have it yet, and are in to the whole Twitter thing, go ahead and grab it. It blows top apps for phones, such as TweetDeck and the official app out of the water on a tablet. If you do already have it, don’t worry! The developer has promised a refund to those who paid for the app, with details on his twitter.

Check out our review of TweetComb on Honeycomb here!

Stewart’s other tabler Optimized app is Newsr, a Google Reader client. It may not be quite as pretty as Pulse News Reader, but with automatic Google Reader integration and use, once again, of the UI fragments, it is definitely plenty easy to navigate. The other plus Newsr has over Pulse is that it automatically maintains any organization you have for existing subscriptions in Google Reader, rather than making you add them to a page manually.

These apps are both great examples of what people can do with the extra screen real estate of a tablet, and offer some pretty unique features over their competitors. Give em a try for free, now in the Android Market.