Who is ready to start tweeting and sharing photos from Google Glass? We need a pair first, then hopefully we’ll be doing just that. It isn’t the biggest news in the world but it appears that the folks from Twitter are indeed building a native Twitter app specifically for Google Glass. They want you sharing all that first-person content and photos as fast as humanly possible, so this makes perfect sense.

Yesterday the news broke after a Tweet went out from a developer saying “Just shared a photo #throughglass” and to make things even more fun the Tweet was posted by an app called Twitter for Glass. Yea, sounds pretty legit if you ask us. The tweet has since been deleted, which makes sense, but once it’s on the internet it is here forever. So take a peek below.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.38.04 AM

The tweet came from a Twitter mobile engineer manager, which might not be a manager this morning, but that pretty much leads us all to believe this is real and coming soon. Google’s exciting Glass project is still slowly but surely getting into the hands of developers, and we have a feeling we’ll be live tweeting with ease in a matter of weeks.

The folks at TechCrunch first spotted the news, and even go as far as to say they’ve seen hints that a Twitter for Glass app will be announced soon. I like the idea of being able to easily send tweets and share photos from Glass, considering Twitter is one of the most active and fastest ways to share news and fun things. First I need a pair of those glasses. Who likes the idea of tweeting what they see whenever they want all from Glass?

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