Those of us who already have a T-Mobile G1 or do not have the money for the developers edition and would like to have one, will love what we found. The bootloader for the developers edition G1 is finally out and is making its rounds.

From what we hear, T-Mobile went ahead and gave a developers version of the G1 to a customer as a warranty replacement. With a little help from his friends, he managed to extract the unlocked bootloader from the phone and put it on the Internet. The best part is the process of converting your G1 is very simple.

To start, just gain root access to your T-Mobile G1. Once you have done that all you have to do is download and apply the unlocked bootloader to your handset. Just turn on your phone while holding down the power and camera button and you will see the skateboarding Android instead of the usually boot screen.  Congratulations you now have a developers T-mobile G1.

Be warned though that this may also brick your phone and we here at Android Community hold no responsibility for any damage this process may do to your T-Mobile G1. If this process is done wrong at all, YOUR PHONE WILL BE DEAD. With that said we would like to know how this process worked for you.

[Via GotOnTheInter]