If you think that what happens on the WWE stage, or rather ring, is already over-the-top and ridiculous, real life has nothing on this new Android game. Not only do your favorite wrestling superstars have super strength, they are actually immortal superheroes. If you’re a huge wrestling fan and a mobile combat game enthusiast, then WWE Immortals will be right up your alley.

The game is WWE meets Mortal Kombat, which may be an appropriate description, since it is actually developed by the makers of the latter (and another popular combat game, Injustice). With just your smartphone or tablet’s touch screen mechanics, swipe and tap your way to victory, playing your favorite WWE stars like Triple H, Jon Cena, The Rock, and even old school Hulk Hogan. Each has unique superpowers and moves, sometimes based on their actual signature moves, but amped up to superpower, cyborg and even mythical creature levels.

Initially, there are 14 different Superstars and Divas, but they will probably be adding more in future updates. The game format is 3-on-3 combat, but you can also take on real opponents in the Online Battles mode, where you can compete with the rest of the world and even in-game events from the WWE itself. And as the game stores your gameplay on its server, you can watch replays so you can study where you went wrong or what your strengths are.

Of course, you can expect great graphics from this game, which includes custom animation for each of the WWE stars. WWE Immortals is free to download from Google Play Store but with in-app purchases.


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