Death and taxes and early termination fees: the bane of civilized man. At least one of those has gotten easier in the last few years for US taxpayers thanks to tax preparation software, and this weekend, you won’t even have to pay for it. TurboTax is offering free 1040 EZ returns on Android devices between March 30th (today) and April 1st (Sunday). That’s a steal as long as you’ve got a pretty standard salary or hourly income – the normal state and federal filing through TurboTax costs $67.

There’ just one catch: the free offer only applies to the tablet version of TurboTax 2011 for Android. This one right here. You can download a similar app on the Kindle Fire, but smartphone users (and presumably those who are using Gingerbread tablets with legitimate or hacked access to the Google Play Store) are out of luck. Now there’s a value proposition for Honeycomb. The tablet version is designed to mirror the TurboTax website, something that isn’t really possible on a smartphone. Check the video below.

TurboTax for Android can’t help you if you’ve got more complex tax needs, such as freelance workers or small business owners. It also doesn’t connect with an existing application if you’ve already started on the TurboTax website. But for the standard income/dependent/deduction calculation, it seems like a fast and easy way to file. Grab your 1040 and your Android tablet sometime this weekend and get the yearly chore out of the way.

[via LaptopMag]