New Potato Technologies has announced a new product for Android users. The new product is called the TuneLink Auto for Android and it is a wireless Bluetooth to FM and direct connection in-car audio solution for Android devices. The FM transmitter and Bluetooth potion of the system is a DC adapter that plugs into your car power port.

The FM transmitter that you plug into the power port also has a USB port on it to allow you to directly connect to the adapter for charging your device on the go. The FM turner portion of the device is controlled by an app that you download free from the Android Market.

If you have multiple Android devices in the vehicle the FM adapter’s Bluetooth capability allows the connection of multiple devices to the transmitter at one time. It also has an aux output for directly conencting to your car stereo. The TuneLink Auto for Android will hit stores in mid-January for $99.99.


  1. I wish this concept had aux out. FM transmitter’s don’t work well at all, but I would love a wireless device that shoots music to my aux out.

  2. Got a Tunelink and it has a great auto-reconnect feature. When I get in my car the unit finds my phone and starts the music playing without it ever leaving my pocket. I listen to Pandora wirelessly in my car.

  3. This is more than an FM transmitter system. It is universal as it will work in any car environment. It has both FM and direct connect outputs so it is very future proof. The wireless aspect is the coolest of all working up to about 60 feet typically from your vehicle. Hi-Q Bluetooth means your tracks are faithfully delivered to you car sound system, and the breakthrough sharing modes add a new dimension to your in car experience. App controlled and configured.

  4. $99.99 for this??? You know its waaaaaayy cheaper to just buy a regular transmitter and plug it into your headphone socket? Come on man get real! In this economy?

  5. I bought this to use with my Samsung Galaxy S. When I received it I
    found that the Tunelink would not connect to my phone without me going
    into the Bluetooth settings and manually connecting it, then once it
    connected the app couldn’t connect to the device to let me change the FM
    station unless I unpaired and re-paired the device. They issued me an
    RMA# and assured me that a firmware update would fix the problem, and
    when I got it back the problem still exists, I cannot change the FM
    station without unpairing and re-pairing the device. DO NOT BUY THIS


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